Dr. Gobmaier GmbH

Precision measuring technology for power engineering

About the Dr. Gobmaier GmbH

Supporting the energy revolution with robust and precise technology

The technology used in power generation and distribution has been designed for high performance and has been adapted to the slowly changing needs for many decades. The dynamic development of the energy revolution requires a large number of new or adapted systems in order to continue to provide a high level of supply security. The challenge is to develop devices which can be used economically even in small systems with a correspondingly low profitability, despite the fact that they is initially only a small number of units. We take this challenge.

Managing Director is Dr.-Ing. Thomas Gobmaier, who has been involved in applied research for the energy industry since 2003. Together with micma GmbH we combine the strengths of energy technology knowledge and experience with the customer-specific development of electronic components. This allows for fast time to market development of products required by the energy transition.

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