Dr. Gobmaier GmbH

Precision measuring technology for power engineering

Support in system development

As a full stack developer, we can support you in setting up your systems at every level, from the front end to the middleware up to the back end. Our services include:

  • Measurement and data acquisition, as well as data output / control on embedded systems
    or programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Forwarding or summary of measurement data with plausibility check and verification
  • Developing of controle
  • Storage and analysis of the data in databases
  • Visualization of the data or the system status

We use C/C++, Java, Javascript/Node.js for programming

System test and network simulation

We can generate network frequency test signals (230 V) for your system. This enables you to easily check whether your system is responding to frequency events as required.

  • Frequency variation (e.g. frequency ramps for prequalification of primary control power),
  • Varying the waveform and harmonic content,
  • Failures such as short interruption with automatic restart.

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, please use our contact form !
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