Dr. Gobmaier GmbH

Precision measuring technology for power engineering

Our services

In addition to our products we also offer the following services:

  • System test and network simulation: With our arbitrary frequency generator, we can generate test signals with variation of frequency, wave form, harmonic waves and grid errors such as short interruptions for your system. This allows you to easily check if the system responds to frequency events as required.
  • Support for the prequalification of the primary reserve: Our power frequency generator can generate the frequencies required for prequalification of primary control power directly with 230 V. This means that the entire system can be tested with little effort according to the specifications.
  • Current reference frequency of the european grid: We can provide the current setpoint frequency (49,990 Hz / 50,000 Hz / 50,010 Hz) of the grid or notify you when a change occurs.
  • Customized developments of systems for the measurement, visualization and recording of measured values: If you need a large display for the mains frequency, a database for recording and analyzing the data or control signals based on the mains frequency - we are happy to support you.

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, please use our contact form !
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